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Tom has been Inspecting Homes since 2005 and is a member of  American Society Of Home Inspectors. (ASHI)
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Complete Home Inspections Plus:  WDO/WDI (Termite), Septic & Well & Water Pressure
We also Provide: Water & Radon Testing

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 Complete Home Inspection
A process by which the inspector visually examines the readily accessible systems and compnonents of a home.  The Inspector operates these systems and components following the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice guildelines.
A complete Home Inspection includes the structure, site, groungs, grading, exteriror, roof components, plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling systems, interior, bathrooms, kitchen, attic, basement, crawlspace, insulation, ventilation, attched garage/carport, driveways, and walks. 
Trimmer Home Inspections provides an easy to read report with photos for a positive reference of the property and items in the report. 
Attendance of the clients is encouraged at some time during the inspection to benefit from a visual and verbal explanation of repairs needed, and to answer any questions on preventative maintenance advice. 
This Inspection is intended for buyers and sellers.
Pest inspections
Also known as a Termite inspection.  Trimmer Home Inspections utilizes the forms that most lending institutions require,(Form NPMA-33 and WDII Report).
An Inspection of a structure for the purpose of determining evidence of infestation, damage, or conductive conditions.

Septic Inspection

This Is a PSMA/NOF Certified Inspection that satisfies most lending institutions for real estate transactions.

This consists of a visual inspection of all exposed components of the system according to PSMA/NOF standards of practice including sizing, probing and up to 3hrs of site inspection time.  Other charges may apply if Excavating or Hydraulic Load Tests are required.
Radon Testing
Radon Tests are conducted according to EPA standards over a period of 48hrs. or longer and are approved for real estate transactions.  Commercial and school testing are also available upon request.
A Pennsylvania certified testing individual places and retrieves the devices used in the test.  Results are analyzed by an accredited labratory and given in pCi/L, along with a recommendation.
Water Testing
Testing is done mostly on private water supplies and is also required by many lenders.  Samples are taken by a certified inspector and anamyzed by an accredited labratory.
Conventional Home Owner, FHA, USDA, and VA group tests are available along with smaller tests.  If the water is discolored or has an odor, (ex. sulfur, fuel, chlorine, detergents) this may be a good time to test. 
We offer testing for e-cloi, coli bacteria, pH, hard, soft, nitrate, lead, iron, pecsticides, and others.

Follow Up Inspection

These Inspections are done after a Complete Home Inspection is performed by Trimmer Home Inspections with the intent to certify repairs made to unsatisfactory item(s) that were reported during the Complete home Inspection.
We encourage buyers attendance!